Let's create a fun word generator for your website!
You decide the theme and the results you want to offer, and I'll create the code + design your generator page in your website for you.

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Can the results include links?


Where does it pull the ideas from? A list?

Exactly! You must send me one list with the results you want to show, or multiple lists to combine and create new concepts.

Will I be able to add or change the lists later?

Absolutely! I will include a video tutorial for you to learn how to edit the code. It isn't difficult, but it's important to know what must be changed and what not :)

Can it be added to any kind of website?

As far as it has the option to add code, yes! If you have doubts, feel free to send me your details to claudia@heartmade.es and I'll check for you.

Can I add the code by myself?

If you prefer to edit your website by yourself, you definitely can but please keep in mind you'll need to be expert managing pieces of code. It's not a single HTML block.

I have another question

No problem! Send me an email to claudia@heartmade.es and I'll be back as soon as possible.

Random generator$97

What's included?

✅  Coding 1 random word generator for you.
✅  You can choose if you want a simple generator (1 word or sentence as result) or a complex one (combining words or sentences from multiple lists to create new results).
✅  Adding the generator into your website, so it's ready to share.
How does it work?

1. Book your generator here.

2. You will be redirected to a form where you'll be able to send me your generator idea, select if you want it simple or complex, write the words/results you want and give me the information I need to upload the generator into your website.

3. In a few days your generator will be ready to use!

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  • 1xRandom generator$97

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